iBelieveSunday, April 29, 2018
Palace Theater
Syracuse, NY
Event: 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM
COST: $25/Ticket

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What is the iBelieve Event?

The iBelieve event was created as an opportunity to bring our community together for an afternoon of encouragement and positivity, something we all need. Participants will be inspired by our dynamic line up of speakers in a room filled with positive energy and HOPE. All proceeds benefit the mission of Maureen’s Hope.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Community Sponsorships are a unique opportunity that will allow us to offer complimentary tickets to local non-profits to share with community members they serve. The intention is to be inclusive of a broad audience, as we all need inspiration and encouragement.

Sponsorship Opportunities

iBelieve Team:

Kaushal Nanavati, MD
Family Physician & Director, Integrative Medicine, Upstate Cancer Center

Jason Smorol
General Manager, Syracuse Chiefs

Jack Sheridan
Cancer Survivor & Le Moyne Student Athlete

Ralph Simone
Leadership Coach & Partner, Emergent

Laura Serway
Owner, Laci’s Tapas Bar

Cindy Seymour
Owner, Laci’s Tapas Bar

Bryan Morgan
Health Coach, Dynamic Health & Fitness

Susan Bertrand
President & Founder at Maureen’s Hope Foundation

What do you Believe?

“I Believe we are all born into this world given the capacity to love, thrive and to be resilient. As we go through life, we all encounter adversities, doubt and uncertainty. We need to take time to recharge ourselves and further develop our attributes of self love, perseverance and resilience. Happiness takes work and I chose happiness.”

-Susan Bertrand, Maureen’s Hope Foundation


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