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Spring Baskets for Golisano Children’s Hospital

People seem to remember patients in the hospital during the Christmas season, but what about the rest of the year? Since 2007, Maureen’s Hope has delivered 60 – 70 baskets to Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital that are be placed in the rooms of hospitalized, sleeping children so they awake to a surprise on Easter Morning. The baskets are personalized for the children based on their age and filled with items that bring them comfort, hope and smiles. Some of these children have been in the hospital for way too many weeks and some may have arrived the day before. We want to make certain the Easter Bunny can find them! This special project has been greatly received now for the past seven years.

$100 can sponsor a Spring Basket

Syracuse University (SU) Athletes have helped with the delivery and also provided signed footballs from the SU football team to add to baskets. Each basket is valued at about $125 and shopping is done throughout the year. Some of the items included in the baskets are cozy blankets, journals, books, stuffed animals and age specific items such as pacifiers, bibs and bottles for babies, Little Tykes toys for toddlers and iTunes cards for the teens. Tim Hortons, which is located inside the hospital, also donates gift cards for each basket.

The idea for this project came as a special way to celebrate and remember Maureen’s birthday, which is in April. After a long Central New York winter, the spring baskets are given to the children as a sign of HOPE. The warmer days, brighter sun and blooming flowers give our souls a boost and sometimes it’s just the encouragement we need to put one foot in front of the other and believe in better days ahead!

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