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  • Maureen’s Hope Foundation- TarselIt is without question the Tarsel/Degon Family has been blessed with the services of Maureen’s Hope.

    It started in October of 2014 with the news of my husband Mark’s Stage 4 diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer. Teaching 7th grade combined with hospital stays, surgery, tests and Chemo it was and still is a daily struggle. Maureen’s Hope provides our family with Home Cleaning Service. While every other part of our life seems out of control, one thing we look forward to is that Tuesday when we come home from a long day of Chemo treatments and our house sparkles…each and every room has had the magic touch! It is absolutely such a great feeling!! We get to relax and rest thanks in part to the giant gift of the Home Cleaning service from Maureen’s Hope.

    Mark and I realize the importance of sharing with cancer families the gift of love, support, kindness and any help to that family needs in the way that Maureen’s Hope has come forth and done for us. We love Maureen’s Hope and I have tears flowing hard as I say our family’s cancer journey, while sad, has been made easier in a big way thanks to you!

    - Eileen Tarsel
    Mark Degon

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  • Maureen’s Hope Foundation- JOEY_BOCThe Beads of Courage program has played an important part in our patients’ lives, even during our first year of involvement at the SUNY Upstate Medical University/Golisano Children’s Hospital Cystic Fibrosis Center. I observed several of my patients who were expressing their excitement about earning beads rather than focusing on the potential discomfort of upcoming procedures. Also, I noted the pride of a number of my patients who displayed their heavy bead necklaces that represented all they had been through. Thus, I am very grateful that Beads of Courage helped improve my patients’’ coping skills and self-esteem. We have been very fortunate to have been able to participate in this program.
    Thank you to Maureen’s Hope for making this program possible for our patients and families!

    - Ran D. Anbar, MD

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  • Maureen’s Hope Foundation- Andrew“My son Andrew was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and lost his leg to the cancer. He loved the Beads of Courage Program sponsored by Maureen’s Hope. Each bead represented a part of his journey and it gave him something special to look forward to and an outlet to help tell his story. Andrew was also excited to receive a big beautiful basket while in the hospital for Easter. Each basket is personalized and the gifts inside are things that they need to help make their stay more comfortable. Through our journey, Susan also introduced us to a very special young man that had the same cancer as Andrew. He has been such an inspiration to Andrew and helps give him strength and hope that he can still play sports and that life does go on. We will always be thankful with all of our hearts for how Maureen’s Hope has helped us during our most difficult times with Andrew.”

    - Inspiring Andrew Amy O’Bryan

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  • Maureen’s Hope Foundation- wllm“I am completely humbled by the thoughtfulness, generosity and tremendous outreaching of support we have received from Maureen’s Hope….and for that I am truly thankful. William was admitted to Golisano Children’s Hospital a week before Christmas and during a time that felt like a near breakiing point for me, you were able to give us a ray of hope and a much needed reminder that little miracles do happen. My older son Nicholas came to the hospital for a visit and we so enjoyed the most wonderful time looking through all the treasures in the basket. It was as if you knew our family so well and each item was especially chosen for us. William loves the story the Very Hungry Caterpillar and I’ve been wanting to watch The Polar Express with the boys this year. I truly appreciate all the thought that went into the beautiful basket. Your gifts of the meals and basket are very generous. It truly means so much to me. More than I can express. Most fondly,”

    - William’s Ray Of Hope Kristie

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  • Maureen’s Hope Foundation- Caroline You And Me“They have their bears and they sleep with them every night. When they were given to the girls, Madeleine was able to understand that it was something for her to snuggle with at home to take the place of her baby sister who was battling cancer in the hospital.” Mom, Stephanie Moch

    - Mom, Stephanie Moch

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