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  • “When I first found out I had cancer I was a train wreck wondering what the present and the future held for me. Not only did I have a life threatening disease but I had to have major surgey to even begin to start treatments. Why me? All the unanswered questions.. I was scared and felt so alone. Well then here comes my sister with this big blue box into my hospital room. I felt my entire disposition change. Someone who knew, some who cared, someone who watched a loved one fight a courageous battle. I felt so revived with a soft blanket and satin pillowcase. The literature, bracelets, prayers, snacks … it does give HOPE to people suffering from this horrible disease. You truly brightened not only my day, but my life and I thank you.”

    - Jan W

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  • “You and me, together we can do anything”

    - Dave Matthews Band

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