Maureen’s Hope Foundation- Youth Club Event 102515

Youth Club Event October 25, 2015

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” –Maya Angelou.
That’s the theme for our YOUTH EVENT on Sunday, October 25, open to students in Grades 9 and Up. Learn and be inspired by our insightful speakers (Mike Mort, Erin Scala, Bryan Morgan and Nick Leader) and then have the opportunity to give back through a service project for Maureen’s Hope. Meeting will be held in the Clydesdale Conference Room at Anheuser-Busch in Baldwinsville. Tell your students to mark their calendars!

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Maureen’s Hope Foundation- Spa Day For Moms Of Cancer Warriors

Annual Spa Day

Maureen’s Hope started an annual fall Spa Day for Moms of Cancer Warriors in 2012 that has become a beloved program. These moms have a special connection as they all have children that are currently battling cancer or that have battled cancer in recent years. They have traveled down a road that is difficult for many to understand, so the support they receive from each other is truly vital to helping them stay hopeful and understood during their journey.

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Maureen’s Hope Foundation- hat party

Host A Hat Party

If you’re a friend or relative of a newly diagnosed woman, host a Hat Party for her. Losing your hair can be devastating and by hosting a Hat Party your friend will be “showered” with hats, and perhaps more importantly, feel showered with love and support. Pictured is Wendy who now has a wide selection of hats to choose from when she is off to her son’s hockey games!

Fall Hayride at Chengarian’s Tree Farm

Chengarian’s Tree Farm celebrated their 40th Anniversary during Fall, 2014 by hosting a Maureen’s Hope Hayride and donating rides to the families of children that have been touched by cancer. The theme was from the movie “Frozen” and families were treated to cider and donuts after the ride.

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Maureen’s Hope Foundation- music program

Music Program at new Upstate Cancer Center

Music can be an integral part of the healing environment, facilitating relaxation and pain management. Maureen’s Hope is a sponsor for the new Upstate Cancer Center music program for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments in infusion areas which offers the healing power of music.

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Maureen’s Hope Foundation- vecta-deluxe-mobile-sensory-unit

Vecta Deluxe Distraction Station

During their hospital stays, many patients are confronted with much that is unknown, unfamiliar and uncomfortable. When the patient is a child, the tests, surgeries, treatments and down time can weigh heavily, resulting in stress, anxiety and frustration. As a means to soothe pain and stress, Maureen’s Hope purchased a Vecta Deluxe Distraction Station in 2012 for Golisano Children’s Hospital that has the advantage of being moved from room to room. It is designed to offer patients mobile multi-sensory opportunities for therapy, learning, relaxation and distraction.

Maureen’s Hope Foundation- Ronald Mcdonald House Sign

Playground of Hope

Ronald McDonald House of Central New York

While Maureen was receiving treatment at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, she met a 6 year old girl named Angie who was in the midst of a two-year battle with cancer. Angie’s mother spent nearly all that time at the nearby Ronald McDonald House, which is a place where out-of-town parents and children can stay while undergoing pediatric treatments in the hospital. Through our experience of meeting Angie we learned to understand and appreciate just what the Ronald McDonald House does for people.

When Maureen passed away, $15,000 was donated from money raised at a benefit for Maureen toward building a playground at the Ronald McDonald House of Central New York. It seemed like the perfect way to remember Maureen and her love of life. The playground was dedicated at a ceremony on July 26, 2004 and named Maureen’s Place of Hope, Dreams and Imagination. It was moved to the new Ronald McDonald House of Central New York in 2012. What a wonderful way to keep Maureen’s light of hope shining on the children that visit the playground each day.

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